So my girlfriend said…

She is a therapist.   She said, “Are you surprised your husband took your pills?  This is how he deals with hard times and bad situations, and you did just loose a baby.”

All I can say is it made me think.  Because he hadn’t fallen until those eight pills.  And the event prior to that was my miscarriage.

While we are on the subject I pray him and pill use wasn’t the reason/cause for my miscarriage.   Sigh.   Yes, sadly that has been in the back of my head.

That is all.   Life is good.  No more pills are missing.  We are coming back from our loss… it never goes away but it gets easier everyday.  The kids are back in school and our youngest started kindergarten.  One step at a time.

Life is just occurring.   Hope you are all doing well. xoxo much love.  I miss you all, I need to get back to reading all of your blogs… maybe now that my days are open.


Still here.

Just busy.  Life and getting kids back to school.  8.  Eight of my pills are missing.  Pills prescribed for the physical pain of losing a baby after the surgery.   Nothing will ever change.  I am stuck.  I love him but he needs help.

I still love HIM and that will never change!