Still here.

Just busy.  Life and getting kids back to school.  8.  Eight of my pills are missing.  Pills prescribed for the physical pain of losing a baby after the surgery.   Nothing will ever change.  I am stuck.  I love him but he needs help.

I still love HIM and that will never change!


7 thoughts on “Still here.

  1. I understand how you could lose hoe in this situation. The worst part is the daily grind. When there is nothing drastic pushing anyone over the edge and decisions wait. for what? Until then the grind kills us, challenges us to deal with US. Who we are. What life is for. Our purpose. Our goals. You’ve been in this place for a long time, and you have done everything you can do to be happy. My encouraging thought of the day is this: You are not alone in this. Hug.

  2. I’m really sorry to hear about those telltale signs, and the sense of of not moving forward in your life; sandwiched between two people incapable of change or positive momentum. Sometimes, the answer isn’t a change of perspective but a change of circumstance. Unless you shuffle the deck, you’ll keep getting dealt the same hand…

  3. So sorry 😦 I was praying that you and your husband were doing so well that you didn’t have time to blog. I hope someday he can be helped. If not for you, for the kids. Maybe kids back in school will be a much needed change from the summer routine to switch things up a bit? Either way, take care and we’ll keep praying things turn around 🙂

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