So my girlfriend said…

She is a therapist.   She said, “Are you surprised your husband took your pills?  This is how he deals with hard times and bad situations, and you did just loose a baby.”

All I can say is it made me think.  Because he hadn’t fallen until those eight pills.  And the event prior to that was my miscarriage.

While we are on the subject I pray him and pill use wasn’t the reason/cause for my miscarriage.   Sigh.   Yes, sadly that has been in the back of my head.

That is all.   Life is good.  No more pills are missing.  We are coming back from our loss… it never goes away but it gets easier everyday.  The kids are back in school and our youngest started kindergarten.  One step at a time.

Life is just occurring.   Hope you are all doing well. xoxo much love.  I miss you all, I need to get back to reading all of your blogs… maybe now that my days are open.


2 thoughts on “So my girlfriend said…

  1. Stay strong! I’m stuck in a rut too. Seems like several of us are. I’m reading, every time, just don’t always get the chance to replay, work has been nice and busy, which is nice because it keeps my mind occupied. I don’t know what you are going through, but I am here for you if you ever need to talk. You were here for me when I needed and I am always here for you. You can e-mail me any time, I always respond to that quickly, much more quickly than I respond to this. Take care and do things to make yourself happy, you deserve it!

  2. Sometimes life just occurs for awhile. My wife miscarried years ago. I truly regret we never tried again for a third child. In a way it marked the beginning of what I recognized as trouble in our marriage.

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