Lowest blow from my blog yet.

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It’s all so debatable.  Right from wrong.  Don’t you think?  Blurred lines.  That Grey area.  I would have never, (long, long ago), thought in any circumstance could an affair be understandable.  Ever.   I would have said women who cheat were whores and men were scum.  They were both home-wreckers.   Well, that is until now.  Well until 2010.  When I learned FIRST hand you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.  When you choose to blog you set yourself up for three things.  1. to get your words and feelings out.  2. To hopefully find some support or people who have “been there, done that” and can relate. And 3. Haters. Blamers.  Finger Pointers.  Judgers. Those who are somehow better than you.  Your skin gets thick pretty quick. But there are STILL those jabs that hurt.  To the commenter that said this: “God punishes in strange ways.  Maybe your baby died and his spirit was given to a more deserving woman because you had an affair you whore.”     FUCK YOU.   I’m pretty sure God, (since you seem to know what he does), is very proud of your mouth, your pointing fingers and name calling and oh… judging.


23 thoughts on “Lowest blow from my blog yet.

  1. Ohhh wow….I can’t believe someone had the nerve to say that to you, it’s sad really. First off…..she has no right to judge unless she herself as never sinned….and secondly, she needs to be concerned with her own life and not yours, if she doesn’t have something nice to say well she needs to keep her mouth shut. She’s simply ignorant!

  2. What an ass. All I can say is that whoever they are, it’s probably punishment enough having to be them for the rest of their life; that must be a miserable existence.

    Hang in there and take comfort in being you.

  3. I’m so sorry, that is such a horrible thing to say to you. You know this isn’t true. You did nothing that caused the los of your baby. Nothing. Some people are vile and spew vile.

  4. I couldn’t hit the “like” button, just couldn’t do it.
    That person is evil and far from a Christian in my mind. I wonder what God would say about them passing judgement on others when none of us is sin free. They will have to be accountable some day. I have found that any time I have passed judgement on someone else I am put in a similar position and have to eat my words. God/Karma is funny that way. If I was that person I’d be very concerned about THAT and less about stuff that is none of their damn business.

  5. That sucks!!! People can be mean but don’t worry about them. Everyone makes mistakes even them. Everyone deserves a second chance and forgiveness. I read all your post and no you an awesome person.

  6. People who make these kind of senseless/BS/nonsense comments are usually hypocrites who feel better about their own faults/issues/mistakes by putting others down. Please don’t take any of their thoughts seriously … they have to answer to the same Maker as you and I do one day. We repent on our wrongdoings (for the most at least) but people like “that commentator” probably takes pride in their hurtful words to others. Shame on them!

  7. That is a low blow! And I hope the person that left that comment has something happen in their life to open their eyes! I’m so sorry!!!! I hope you can find a way to ignore it best you can. Stay strong! Nothin she says is true!

  8. Some betrayeds can be real assholes. I’ve experienced it myself. It no longer bothers me. I just delete their nonsense and consider how small and ignorant a person would have to be to attack someone they really don’t know. Let it go.

  9. People like her are not worth listiening too… She is in a misery and has no way of healing… and Who does she think she is to be spreading her misery… and the worst part to use God in that matter makes her an evil woman… You are an amazing woman and a strong one as well for you are surviving your lost… while others still live in their misery…

  10. Hmmm let me think…. The bible verse goes something like “he who is without sin may cast the first stone” . Seems to me she needs to be worried about her own judgement day. These blogs are our outlet for free speech, and an outlet to say whats on our minds….so keep talking, and delete the hypocrites!

  11. Such a pity…. that some people prefer to stay ignorant and judgmental. This is your journey and I think that you are a very strong person to share your incredible experience. Do not waste any more enegy even for one second thinking of this unhappy person’s hypocritical comment.

  12. I’m so sorry, what a heartless, judgemental, evil thing to say. Please take comfort from the support you get on here. I too have had negative (but nowhere near as hurtful) comment sso I’ve had to make my blog private. Thank you for continuing to share your stories with us and hope karma bites that hurtful person very soon and in some significant manner.
    Stay strong!

  13. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that. I’m so sorry someone would say that to you. Pity that person for the unhappy life she must lead to be say such vile things and move on.

  14. First off, God doesn’t just pass around souls to deserving people. What bullshit. Second, this “Christian” thinks that good works are rewarded and bad punished, again that’s not how God works. Third, that asshole needs to remove the speck from their own eye first. Fourth, fuck them. Fifth, you and all of us are forgiven.

  15. There must be a way to report that person so that he/she is not allowed to make horrible comments like that anymore to you or anyone else. They crossed the line.
    Karma will get him/her…if it hasn’t already.

  16. that wasn’t just a low blow, that was something that only someone who hasn’t lived a true and authentic life would say. and anyone, anyone, I don’t care what religion they do or don’t practice, their political beliefs etc. anyone who would find “joy” in the passing of an innocent unborn child is the one who should worry about what judgment will be passed on them when that time comes. life is messy. it isn’t perfect, we aren’t perfect. the heart, the mind and our spirits collude to ensure we stay on our toes. those of us that have found ourselves in situations we never, ever, expected can only hope to learn, love and move forward. i check for posts from you regularly and just know that someone up here in this corner of the world is rooting for you!

  17. I’m sorry you had to endure the comment. It’s so easy to be rude online.I hardly ever read the comments in online new stories because they become predictable offensive no matter the story line. The beauty of blogging is that the commentors *tend* to be supporters, friends, or those who are truly interested in what you have to say. Such an outlandish comment on your blog feels uncharacteristic of the culture nurtured in our blog space. I hope all the supportive comments help dull the sting.

  18. Sorry, my tablet cannot keep up with my rage some days. That last word above should be “know.” I was the one who cheated in my first lengthy relationship, with an amazing man who was also an addict. We both slid into a world of coke, booze, and pills. I got clean first, when I got pregnant with our daughter. After that it was four years of distrust, empty bank accounts, and fighting. It got better, he got clean, but not without help. Pain pills can be incredibly painful to give up, physically, and mentally. If

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