Guess today isn’t a blogging day.

I’ve tried three times to write a post.   All after being done I’ve sent to the trash.

I’m angry at my husband.

I think my last effort was last night.

I miss HIM.

Talking just isn’t enough.

I’m greedy.  I want more.

I want the fairytale.

I’m a fucking girl damnit.  Of course I want the fairytale.

Just forget the horse.  I’m allergic and they stink.


19 thoughts on “Guess today isn’t a blogging day.

  1. Blame it on Cinderella ………. I want the fairytale too but we just have to keep trudging on…….hmmmm…..I wonder if Ariel, Cinderella and Belle had this problem?

  2. I know I haven’t been able to reply much or blog at all, busy days on the ambulance! But I have been reading and I hope you are doing as good as you can. I haven’t been in your situation, so I can’t say I know how you feel, but I do understand wanting the fairy tale and missing HIM. Boy did I have it rough when my man took off in hopes I would find someone my age and have a family, etc. The desire to have him and how happy he made me, it was hard. Stay strong! And you can e-mail me if you ever need to talk! I do respond to those, haha, blogging is just difficult when I can’t get to a computer all the time.

  3. though i know deep inside the FT does not exist – i still want one. why do we do this to ourselves? is the FT something different for everybody? Not all FT’s have happy endings. many are Grimm (pardon the pun). i have always loved the Hans Christen Anderson story of the Red Shoes. having been a ballet dancer, it was the one I loved the most – but she dies at the end. she dies. why would i still want a FT if if may not be one with a happy ending and she dies at the end? yikes – i am giving myself a headache – dammit – i hate Walt Disney!

  4. Hi there “Her”, read the whole history of these blogs in the space of a couple of days, but that was around a month ago. Then you seemed to slow down which was obviously a painful time, hopefully your back to your blogging best x.
    I have signed up to WP specifically ask you what is the situation between you and HIM. You mention above that “talking isn’t enough”, did I miss the part where you two are talking?
    I ask because I find a lot of parallels between your blogs and what I’m going through recently – I think that’s enough of a confession to let you know where I’m coming from, apart from that I am the HIM in this hot mess!.
    Much love, Flyn

    • Hello Flyn, thanks for reading. You didn’t miss any part. The talking is emails. I need to catch up my blog. When I say talking isn’t enough I just mean that I miss the whole thing. I miss the physical contact. I miss seeing him laugh and smile and making me feel amazing and beautiful. I will try to write a post about where HIM and I are as of now. I think I have left that in the unspoken area for long enough. Also I’d love to hear your story. How similar are our stories?

    • I plan to write more about HIM very soon. I notice in my blogging that I do go back and forth… it doesn’t appear when I go back and look at posts in the past that I write about both of them at the same time. I’ve had some comments to update on HIM so I will be doing that.

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