Being the wife of an addict.


“OMG my leg hurts so bad.  My kidneys are on fire.  I think I have another kidney stone, I can barely pee.”

Fuck my life.  I should have sympathy for my husband when he is in pain, but I don’t.   His fault I guess.

My response?

“Call your doctor just like anyone else would.”

I know he tells me this shit thinking I’ll give him some  pills for the pain.  I believe he is in pain but he has a doctor.

Thing is he is embarrassed.  Because I told his doctor.   Thing is his doctor, (our doctor) said this is the problem.  People who get addicted to pills one day truly have pain and they have to find a way to deal with it.

“Why do you have to be such a bitch?  Do you want to see the blood in the toilet?”

“UMMMM NO, pick up the phone and call YOUR DOCTOR.”

It just makes all those feelings of hate surface.

I am a heartless bitch.  I lack compassion for the man I married.  Too much shit has  happened.


5 thoughts on “Being the wife of an addict.

  1. You are in no way a heartless bitch! He did this to himself in the end. He is looking for drugs and you are right not to give in, it’s time he man’s up and deals with the pain.

  2. Blood in the toilet is even more of a reason for him to call his doctor. You’re not a doctor or a pharmacist, and he IS an addict. Kidney stones are painful, but not life-threatening. His addiction is. It’s not heartless to tell him to deal with the consequences of his actions.

  3. i agree with both responses above – life is a b*tch sometimes and he has to deal with it – you have to remain strong. at least you are still ‘present’ – he could be dealing with this completely alone.

  4. Fuck him….nope…no compassion for your H here either. If you have any pills in the house, hide them well where he will never find them.(Like in a tampon box or between a sanitary pad…..seriously.

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