So early this morning….


I’m laying on the beach.

With a big perfect sun hat.

Feeling the sand in my toes.

Feeling the chill of the fruity, intoxicating, umbrella stabbed drink in my hand.

Hearing the waves.

Feeling the sun on my backside.

Finding my place in my sexy book.

Feeling the breeze coming off the water.

Smelling the salt.

Feeling the sand give beneath me as I move

Feel the heat suddenly disappear on my back.

Roll over and find you standing between me and the sun.

Giving a mirage effect.

You straddle me and smile.

You plant kisses on my lips, shoulders and neck.

Everything around me, the sun, water, sand, book, and drink fade from my thoughts.

Instantly I’m aroused.

Instantly my alarm goes off.


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