The day I see when I close my eyes.


I step out of the truck, stomach filled with butterflies.

I walk into the grand, sparkling, hotel.

Head to the elevators and head to floor 9.

The doors open to a dim, quiet, empty hallway.

I follow directions to the room.

I open the door to a sunlit room.

Sharp decorating, business class aimed.

Pillows crisp as though never touched.

Not a speck of dust shows anywhere.

The bathroom is sterile white, glass that is piercingly clean.

Towels sharply folded, edges alined.

The wall sized mirror reflects me,  with thoughtful attire.

The view is breathtaking from the west facing ceiling to floor windows.

I feel my best.  I am happy.  Nerves are small, but they are there.

He enters the room and butterflies stir.

I suddenly can’t breathe.

He walks to me and kisses me and everything else is gone.

The bed finds its way beneath me as he is now above me.

Hours are lost.   Memories are made.

Love is found, at a level I didn’t know existed.


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