Thank you to the mothers…


Life is going by.  I am back in school and working full time.  My kids are going full speed ahead in their own schools and my son is looking at both colleges and the Army.  I have mixed feelings about that for sure!  I am a proud American who supports our troops and am VERY thankful for them and all they do.  I am thankful for their families who give them up allowing them to serve.  I will always respect them and what they are willing to put on the line for all of us, myself and my family.  HOWEVER, that being said, I’m terrified for my son to join.  How messed up is that?  Don’t get me wrong, I am INCREDIBLY proud of him.  I’ve raised him to love this country we are so blessed to live in.  I’ve taught him what it means when we see that flag fly.  I’ve taught him his freedom wasn’t free.   I’ve taught him to respect our elders and thank them with a hand out to shake their hands if you know they served.   I just am a mom.  Yes proud.  Yes honored.  Yes terrified.  This world right now is scary.  He is my son.  I can’t be the only one who has ever felt this way.   I’ll never forget when my dad told the story that his mom, (my grandmother) was angry with him when he decided and joined the Police Department.   She was terrified that something bad would happen to him.  I get it though.  I get her worry.  Giving your son up to do something so brave and so amazing and so… right.  My son looked at me and said that he wanted to serve and protect what I taught him to love.  UGGG.  Anyone else’s child saying that would make my heart bust.   I just hate the place this world is in right now.  Countries with leaders that terrify me.  Countries that have to be dealt with.  Using the troops we put on the front lines.  Troops these other countries care nothing about.  Yet they are our world.  One in particular is my world.  My everything.    I will say though I have never once tried to talk him out of it.  I respect what he wants to do and what he believes in way too much.  I am so proud of him.  Truly.  And I am so proud of every other mother ahead of me who felt these feelings regardless if she shared them out loud  or not.  They are just as brave letting their sons or daughters serve, as the sons and daughters are for serving.


5 thoughts on “Thank you to the mothers…

  1. Just want to toss out there: the military can pay for his college. You can’t protect him from the world forever, and the military is a great place for him to learn how dangerous the world can be, and how to protect himself from it. I would urge him to go into a position that allows him to go special operations as early as possible, and to learn a foreign language. Both of those will open doors like nothing else in the world, connections or not.

    • I know I can’t. I know he will be fine too…. its just hard. Thank you. And he is going into this with a two years in welding AND a foreign language already… his school K-12 required spanish as a class the entire time.

  2. I can’t imagine how hard it is, but there are support networks and connections for you to talk with other moms and help understand it all.

    I was suppose to join, that was my plan but a major car accident ruined all my dreams. I’m so grateful I can walk and wasn’t paralyzed for life but I regret all the time not bein able to join because of one mistake my sister made.

    As hard as it is for you, don’t discourage his dream. Keep strong and supportive. The Army’s website has great tools for families too. Start there.

  3. Oh, I truly feel for you. My husband is just finishin with the military, He has a bad back, and PTSD. But it has always been his world. He does it so that our children will not have too. Unfortunately, it is a service our country needs, and will always need. I have a junior in high school that has wanted to follow the footsteps of the rest of the men and a few women in our family, and I’m terrified myself. Don’t feel bad about your fears, and don’t feel you have to
    justify them either, any mother and any father (I know this because my
    husband fears) for that matter who’s been in your shoes knows that fear all too
    well..what kind of parent would you be if it didn’t cross your mind? My heartgoes out to you, and a huge thank you to your son for giving of himself for our protection. Pillars of her earth is right, It is a wonderful opportunity for him.

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