cheating wives have reasons

I love this post. I feel her pain. I feel her loneliness. I feel, well, her. I know all too well what it is like to feel like you are in this joint marriage totally alone. Wonderful, well written post. Add stealing from you and being a rockstar and I’d wonder if we were writing about the same man.


There is no affection in my life. My husbands shows me absolutely none. For many years I adapted and learned to ignored this and got what little I needed from the sweet hugs from my children or by raising animals. But childish affection does not replace the needs you have that should be taken care of by your spouse. There is no feeling of security from being with him. Not once in all the years of our marriage have I ever felt protected by him. Time after time he failed to ensure I was taken care of and given the feeling of safety I deserved from a partner.

He could care less about me and my life and shows me his indifference every single time he shrugs off things that are important to me. From the biggest to smallest of things, his reaction is the same: casual indifference. He shows…

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