30 day blogging challenge, Day one, my blogs name.



This one is pretty self explanatory.  I am her.  A woman who didn’t think she’d EVER have an affair.  I didn’t agree with people who did, and I felt bad for the spouses who were married to men or women who cheated on them.   I judged first hand.  I removed myself from the life of friends who did this.   I twice caught my girlfriends husband out with another woman and I stuck my nose in his business and told him off.   Until one day when I didn’t realize what was starting, started.   I fell for someone.  Someone I shouldn’t have.  Over time, slowly getting to know someone didn’t feel wrong.  Starting to care for someone and what they were going through didn’t seem wrong.   Starting to have slight emotions of jealousy and wanting to be his wife didn’t seem right but I convinced myself it was because I was unhappy in my marriage and cared about him as a person.  That lead to a kiss.  And from there it was down hill.  Emotions and moments that couldn’t be taken back.  Suddenly I was there.  Me that judging person.  Had walked in those people’s shoes.  I knew I wasn’t a BAD person, I know I am kind and thoughtful and love my family.  I can’t explain why it happened or how it happened it just did, and very quickly.  Would I encourage anyone to “DO” this?  No.  It hurt a LOT of people.  But it taught me a lot about love and letting go and why you don’t do it to begin with.  Do I regret my actions?  I regret what I/we did to our spouses but I won’t ever regret loving HIM as crazy as that sounds.

I think for this post, this blogging challenge, this day one, this could be an interesting post for someone who has a blog name that isn’t as straight forward as mine.   Looking forward to the other blogging challenges.


9 thoughts on “30 day blogging challenge, Day one, my blogs name.

  1. I love your blog – I feel like it could be my life you’re writing about. I’ve told my husband that I cannot make a decision about him whilst I’m still trying to get over “Him” . I’ve never had a connection like the one I had w Him, never believed in “the one” until I got to know Him. How can I possibly judge a marriage of 17.5 yrs while sorting out my love for someone else; when I read your blog, I feel less alone, realize that I’m not the only one who’s walking this road!

  2. I can completely relate.. I think people come in and out of our lives for a reason. Some remain relevant and stay, others do not and leave. We should be grateful for every circumstance and lesson learned.

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