Remember me


Come to me.

Come touch me.

Come take a taste of me.

Come, let me please you.

Come please me.

Come and see what we used to see.

Come and feel what we used to feel.

Come and let me remind you of the way things were.

Come and let me dance my fingers along your skin.

Come and explore what has faded.

Come and remind yourself of highs.

Come and forget your lows.

Come and forget everything around you.

Come and just remember,

remember me.


18 thoughts on “Remember me

  1. My husband got reminded of her 2 weeks ago. He vomited in disgust at her and that he’d had anything to do with her. Then we did some more damage to her reputation just to make sure she left us alone for a while.

    It’s one thing to have an affair. It’s another to be proud of it.

      • It sure sounds that way. You may not even realise it sounds that way but it does. It sounds like you’re proud that you have a “power”. It’s interesting because of course calling his wife controlling or power-seeking is very common, but actually it’s the affair partners who play with power. Power over each other and the betrayed parties. For fun.

        Absolutely what I’ve done to her is simply telling the truth. I didn’t even call her names, I simply showed copies of her own written words. They speak for themselves.

      • Oh and it’s not wrong to tell the truth. That’s all we did. If she doesn’t like the truth then she shouldn’t have made it true.

      • Of course he was. But what’s missing in her 50% is the horror, the disgust, the remorse. He genuinely vomited. He’s a terrible actor (which is why I found out so quickly). If she had shown half the horror and remorse he’s shown I would think less badly of her.

  2. This reply is to Nephila….the OW owed you nothing – she had no ties to you or your family. She was not your best friend and lover…she owed you nothing. You more than likely have no idea what her story was or have any idea about her life. However, you know your husband, and he owed you everything. He vowed to love you and be faithful to you – chances are, ‘the other woman’ did not even know you. He is the one who lied to you and was unfaithful to you – she had nothing to do with the decisions he made. She may have flirted with him and maybe even made it obvious she wanted him, but ultimately, it was HIS decision to cheat. I am not nor have I ever been the other woman. I have been the betrayed spouse, but cannot for the life of me fathom the hatred and blame put on the OW when it is the husband, or betraying spouse, who should feel the wrath of the betrayed. For you to take pleasure in ‘doing more damage’ to her reputation is despicable.

    • Great reply, and I am an OW and I have also been a betrayed partner. I will say, when I was the betrayed partner (we had been engaged for 3 years) I held my partner completely at fault. I knew why she was doing it, she thought he was a great catch, but he was the one who had hurt me, not the woman I didn’t know. Plain and simple, he hurt me, she didn’t. This shows a lot of depth and character to your person. I hope you are doing ok.

    • The OW owed her nothing but she did take part of the affair (though not all hers). Yes Nephila’s husband made vow to her so he should feel the wrath BUT OW disregard the fact that he’s married and proceed to did the deed. It’s not JUST the husband so i personally can fathom the angers and hatred to the OW.
      Nephila, i’m not sure about spreading news that she’s an OW will help you though, is she a stalker ? If not then it will do more damage than good

  3. Not everyone has the same views about your writings. I right to release, so do you. Your posts are not proud, nor do you act like you are bragging about it. It takes two to tango. Some people just don’t have the ability to show how they truly feel about what happened, others do better at hiding it. Keep writing and don’t let anything anyone says change that.

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