Hello my blogging friends!

I am here but my life has been insane. 

My best friends baby died of sids.  She was six weeks old.  It has been heartbreaking. 

My family is doing great. 

I’ve gotten a ton of emails from all of you asking when I will blog again, and I promise I will get back to it.  I miss you all.   I miss reading blogs more though.   I just have three of my kids playing sports and my business gets a little crazy in the summer.   Know I am here and I am good!  Keep up your blogging so I have a great amount to read and catch up on when I get back!


14 thoughts on “Hello my blogging friends!

  1. I cannot fully like this post because it breaks my heart to hear about your friend’s baby!! I am so sorry for not only her loss but for all around them 😦

    *However* I don’t just like that you posted, I LOVE it! Glad to hear all is going well and that it’s just a matter of real life being particularly busy. I have missed hearing from you and often wonder if you are doing well. Look forward to your (regular) return in the future.

  2. Three kids + activities = busy busy mom/taxi driver/chef/entertainer/….. Have fun and try to not lose your sanity. I am coming close and the end of June is not even here:)

    Needn’t worry about us – we are going nowhere and get the ”life thing’. Ism so sorry to hear about your friend’s baby. My thoughts go out to her. xx

    • I am still pregnant and have so far to go still. 🙂 After my miscarriage last year I have been a wreck with this one. My friends baby passing hasn’t helped. 😦 Mothers should never ever have to lose a child. Its something that just shouldn’t occur. I’m due in November. Seems so far away still.

  3. I’m sure I don’t speak solely here when I say you’re missed and that prayers, thoughts and consolation are sent your friend’s way.

    Life keeps us busy, for sure!

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