I just want to take my balloons and go home. 


My tiny dog was taken by a coyote.  

My husband went to urgent care for a reaction to medication.  (Surprise, surprise). 

My kids already have a shit ton of homework. 

I’m fighting a kidney infection. 

The baby is teething. 

My check engine light came on in the car. 

Half my clients are new which is hard. 

My phone broke and I had to get a new one. 

My son put a passcode on his iPod and forgot it. 

My alarm system keeps setting itself off. Quite scary in the middle of the night I might add. 

My daughters friend died her hair at my house and ruined my carpet and *TRIED* telling her mom that I said they could.  Ummmm yeah that didn’t fly with me. 

My neighbor has decided he’s going to grow pot and my house stinks now because my AC unit is outside by the fence. 

Oh and I’m still in love with HIM. 

I need a massage.