Love and miss you all. I’m still here. 


4 thoughts on “Thoughts? 

  1. I think what jumps out at me with most of these POV in this article is the woman is the victim in some way before she choses to stray. I don’t think this is always the case. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and searching lately which is what brought me to your blog. Trying to understand why I did what I did- am doing. What was/is missing? Is something missing really? Or is it an inherent part of my character that would have led me down this path anyway? Am I just not programmed to be faithful? Sure- my husband like yours- like some of the men in those stories did some crappy stuff- but he’s at his core a good guy. He’s tyring to get it right. I just love someone else. I have for a long time. If I’m honest I probably didn’t make the “right” choice from the start. We’ve been together a long time- 28 years, married 22 years. I made the “safe” choice. The one who wouldn’t leave me. The one who woulldn’t cheat on me. The one who allowed me to feel in control. The one from a good family. The boring choice. The good guy who later down the road made some poor choices that made me mad. That doesn’t justify me straying- but I think helps me understand myself. He is my family and I love him. But I feel no passion. We have two amazing children and for that I stay. But I love someone else. I have loved someone else for a very long time. I take FULL responsibility for that. Not my husband’s issues and shortcomings- I could walk away from OTHER- I could but I just don’t want to. He is often the small bit of sanity that gets me through a crazy week.
    Let me note- I have never slept with my OTHER. We are initimate with our emotions. We do kiss and hold hands and cuddle. We have been part of each other’s lives for twenty years. He is married too. It is still an affair. The fact remains I would rather sit in slience and hold hands with my OTHER than have sex with my husband. I think that tells you where I am.
    So – as for that article- I feel that those POV left out a bit of their personal accountability. But that’s just me. I did this. My husband didn’t do this to me.

  2. Think of you often. How is the newborn? How are you? Thoughts like this. Life as become busier in ways unexpected and I’ve had to step away from the blogging universe, from a writing perspective and while that makes me sad, my life right now isn’t about me. Thank you for letting us know you are still here. {{hugs}}

    • The newborn is almost one and my world, (along with my other kids). I am okay. Steering through life, attempting to avoid bumps, at least the big ones. I wish I had more time to blog. I miss it so much.

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