Article on my timeline tonight.
Not sure I agree.  Not sure I disagree.  Just an article I found.   


3 thoughts on “Article on my timeline tonight. 

  1. Hi there !

    Not sure if this blog of yours is still active or not, or even if you’ll see this comment, but I thought I’d post a short comment nonetheless. Just discovered your blog this evening and read the first (oldest) month’s entries that you posted in your blog archives. Found it to be interesting reading so I guess I’ll continue reading your archives up to the present.

    Just so you know, no I do not have a r/l mistress but I daresay that many a guy entertains such fantasies, if only in his mind, just as many a lady has her “secret lover” deep in her fantasies. It helps to keep a marriage interesting, n’est-ce pas? 🙂

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