One day my life will slow down a bit.

I’m still here.   Your comments and emails still come to my phone!  :0)  Thank you for all of them.  My life is spinning right now.  I feel like half the time I need to stop and catch my breath.  Thank you for all your kind comments and for following.  Has anything changed at home?  Yes and no.  With HIM?  Yes and no.  

Getting close to my due date!  Ten more weeks!  Exciting!  It’s a girl.  Not sure that I posted that or not.  I’m excited and ready to meet her.  

Just know I am here.  Just know I see and read everything that comes to me and I try try try to reply to each of you.   I just haven’t had the time to sit down and actually blog about me.  Soon.  LOL oh wait, soon I’ll have a newborn.  UGH.  


Yes I miss HIM. 

Yes I talk to HIM.

No I haven’t seen HIM, (in forever).  I’d be afraid to see him.   I think it would hurt too much.  Talking is somehow…. enough. 

My husband?  Pills are less of a battle.  I just like always can’t close the distance that we both created.  Sigh. 

More soon, I promise.